Links to some stuff i use...

This software will make a full CNC control out of your PC. (This software started it all for me in the DIY CNC. Thanks again Brian. and Art;)

A nice simple software for making all kinds of gears and now has the ability to help in making clocks.

There name says it all. :) I have used there KFLOP board to Close the Loop on my stepper motor system. Very nice "on the fly" correction.

Very affordable motor drives for steppers and servos. With awesome support and warranty.

Low cost great quality breakout boards for CNC with EXCELLENT support .

Nice simple 2d CAM with a very functional free version.

2D nc software that has many nice simple to use wizards for making different shapes.

This is a new way to look at coolant. They send you the Coolant Concentrate and not water.Cutting shipping and coolant cost WAY down.

A forum that has a BUNCH of information about anything to do with CNC, with a big member base.