Hand Scraper

Never done any real scraping and wanted to give it a go. So i thought i would make the tools rather than buy them and be disapointed if i cant do it. Much cheeper this way.;)

Bike Cassette Tool

This tool is used to remove the cluster of sprockets on the back wheel of a bicycle wheel called the cassette. Iam using a manual Indexer made from a gearbox. 


Some project stuff...


Indicator Stand

Working on a stand for using an indicator on a surface plate. Using my hand scraper to scrape the base flat(hopefully). 

4th axis

Used some cast alluminum parts i melted down in my furnace to make stock for the bearing supports,walls and pulleys.

High speed Spindle


As my first version (dremel tool) is not accurate enough and is difficult to get tool bits to spin concentric.  So iam making a spindle that will use ER16 collets .

Solar Tracking Mount

The previous mounting and tracking of this field where deteriorating to the point that two broke and destroyed a few panels. So it got some improvements. :)